Table of contents

  • 01 - Introduction

    Learn about the contents of the book, and the history of ES6.

  • 02 - ES6 Support

    Learn about where ES6 is currently supported.

  • 03 - Using ES6 Now

    Learn different methods for working with ES6 today.

  • 04 - Numbers & Math

    Explore new editions to Numbers and Math.

  • 05 - Regex, Strings, Unicode

    Read up on new RegEx flags, String methods and unicode support.

  • 06 - let & const

    Master let & const, and understand when to use them.

  • 07 - Template Literals (Sample)

    Gain the knowledge to effectively use Template Literals on your code!

  • 08 - Objects

    Explore the new methods and syntax introduced to Objects.

  • 09 - Arrays

    Grasp new features added to Arrays.

  • 10 - Destructuring

    Master Destructuring so you can use this powerful feature now!

  • 11 - Default Parameters

    Understand Default Parameters so that you can create powerful functions!

  • 12 - Spread & Rest

    Master Spread operators and Rest parameters to become a mighty developer.

  • 13 - Arrow Functions

    Control scope, and write beautiful expressive code with Arrow Functions!

  • 14 - Classes

    Learn about Classes, and how we can use them to create reusable components.

  • 15 - Map

    Learn about a new way to store your data with Maps!

  • 16 - Set

    Pickup a few tricks of using Sets for unique value stores.

  • 17 - Promises

    Learn how to master Promises in ES6.

  • 18 - Generators

    See how you can use generator functions to create powerful data flow.

  • 19 - Modules

    Create more maintainable and organized code with modules!

  • 20 - Proxies & Reflect

    Learn how to intercept property lookups on objects with Proxies!

  • 21 - Symbols

    Learn about this powerful new primitive type in ES6.

  • 22 - Beyond

    Now that we have mastered ES6, let's take a look at what is coming up in ES7!


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